Obamacare and Trisomy 18 Families — Some facts on the table.


A discussion broke out this last week on Facebook about the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) among our parents,  sharing fears fueled by conservative media outlets that Obamacare will inevitably lead to rationing that will deny care for their disabled children or children they know.  I thought I'd share a series of posts this week about some details to keep in mind. My approach in representing families' needs in National Policy discussions starts from the fact that the ACA is the law of the land and regardless of our political leanings or … [Read more...]

Father’s Dedication wins $10,000 for the Trisomy 18 Cause!


Scott Verrelli, father of Maia Marie Verrelli lost in 2005, has received a $10,000 Volunteer Recognition grant from Johnson & Johnson. Great News! Trisomy 18 Father Scott Verrelli was selected from among 200 employees at Johnson & Johnson as their recipient of the $10,000 Annual Volunteer Recognition Grant. Scott and Jessica Verrelli and their extended family have been dedicated Trisomy 18 volunteers since the loss of their daughter, Maia Marie Verrelli, in 2005 at 54 days old. He and Jessica have hosted an annual golf tournament in … [Read more...]

Nominate T18Foundation or T18F Leaders and Volunteers for Awards!


You have the Power to make an BIG IMPACT with only your pen! Could you nominate the Trisomy 18 Foundation or our Founder, Victoria Miller or an inspiring Trisomy 18 Parent for an Award or Recognition in your company or community?  Does your employer have a grant, volunteer or matching gift program that you could participate in? Just check with your company website or HR department and then ask for the necessary forms to send to us by mail or email to: Trisomy 18 Foundation Adminstrative Office 173 Keith St. #3 Warrenton, VA … [Read more...]